“I have used Nancy as an organizer for my house and she is a life saver. So when my parents passed away and my brothers’, who both live on the mainland, granted me the task of scanning over 1,000 pictures…the first person I thought of was Nancy.

Nancy and I worked together on a family photo organizing project in 2010. It was important to me to organize the photos to then have them digitized to be able to share and preserve their memory. This is the kind of project that can be challenging to do on your own as there is so much emotion and nostalgia as you go through your family history in photos. It was great to have Nancy there going through the process with me. She enjoyed learning about my family from Japan as well as what it was like growing up on the mainland U.S. and then in Hawaii. In addition to helping me sort and prep the photos for scanning, she also made recommendations on scanning vendors.

For any large project, I would recommend using Nancy. She can do a lot in a small amount of time. ”
-Diane Pang, Honolulu, HI

organizing-photosFor many people, photo organizing is one of the most important projects on their to-do list. Why? Because photos tell and preserve the stories of our lives.


  • Help keep family traditions alive and well
  • Provide visual reminders of special memories
  • Honor those who have passed on

Aloha Organizers can help you preserve your photos as well as organize them in a manner that makes them easily accessible and displayed in printed or digital photo books, on walls, or online.

Aloha Organizers owner Nancy Nino is a certified member of The Photo Managers and she and her team love working with clients to help them get their photos organized!

Nancy has put together a comprehensive 9-step process to help you organize and maintain your physical and digital photo collections.

Contact us to set up a complimentary phone consult to discuss your photo organizing needs!

Ms. Nino is a stellar organizational guide. She demonstrates an open-minded approach to organizing and always keeps the clients’ needs and concerns at the forefront of her organizational plan. Nancy has assisted me with several organizational projects and I have been fully satisfied with all of her suggestions and work. Specifically with regards to photo organization, Nancy has been helping me for a number of months in organizing a large number or personal photographs. She has made a job that felt overwhelming much more manageable. Because my mother passed away recently, I inherited boxed and boxes of photographs. My fear was that if I didn’t get them organized and electronically scanned in a reasonable amount of time that the photographs may be subject to damage due to our high humidity in Hawaii or at risk of getting lost in a tragedy such as a fire.

Nancy has spent hours sitting with me and providing an excellent plan for sorting, organizing and ultimately getting the photos scanned into an online cloud database by a professional organization. I feel so hopeful that this is going to be an amazing project that our family and extended family will appreciate for generations to come. I am appreciative of Nancy’s guidance. Nancy has been sensitive to the fact that going through these photos is a very emotional experience for me. She is personable and empathic in her approach to personal photo organization. This is extremely important because photos of family and friends are so intensely personal. I feel completely comfortable that Nancy will respect the personal and confidential nature of this task.

In summary, Ms. Nino is an exceptional home and photo organizer. She demonstrates confidence, skill, excellent customer service, knowledge, customer respect and sensitivity. I highly recommend her for certification as a personal photo organizer.

Lavanda Nakamoto, Honolulu, HI

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